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XTZ Stereo Zoom Microscope on Articulated Arm Table Clamp
XTZ Stereo Zoom Microscope on Articulated Arm Table Clamp

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The XTZ Zoom Stereo Microscope features sharp image, special structure and multifunction. We are manufacturer of microscope, our products are made with Computer Aid Design.

The XTZ System includes: XTZ Microscope body(7-3X)with WF10x eyepiece,Ring Light Adapter and Articulated Arm on Table Clamp.

Illumination included: 8w Fluorescent Ring Light with Spare Bulb


* The way of magnification : zoom

* Zoom range: 0.7X-3X

* Zoom ratio: 1:4.3

* Total magnification: 2.1X-120X(with accessory lens), Standard: 7x-30X

* Field of view: 93mm-2mm, Standard: 28mm-6.6mm

* Working distance: 247mm-34mm, Standard: 100mm

* Interpupillary distance: 50mm-75mm

* Dioptric correction: +2 - -2 diopter

* Binocular tube: incline 30

Articulated Arm Table Clamp Specification: Adjust the tension lever and move the microscope left-right- up-down to any position; microscope stays in place. The vertical travel distance is 265mm. Heavy duty clamp has maximum opening of 57mm.

Length of front arm: 6.7" (170mm)

Length of horizontal arm(middle section):17.5" (450mm)

Length of horizontal arm(next to the Clamp): 13" (330mm)

Revolution degree: 360o free revolution in horizontal direction

Heavy-Duty construction allows for maximum of 20 lbs. of weight.

Specifications WFH10X WF15X WF20X
Eypiece Working distance(mm) Mag. Field of view(mm) Mag. Field of view(mm) Mag. Field of view(mm)
standard 100 7X-30X 28-6.6 10.5X-45X 24-5.6 14X-60X 17-4
0.3X 247 2.1X-9X 93-22 3.15X-13.5X 80-19 4.2X-18X 57-13
0.5X 168 3.5X-15X 56-13 5.25X-22.5X 48-11 7X-30X 34-8
0.75X 105 5.25X-22.5X 38-9 7.9X-34X 32-7.5 10.5X-45X 23-5.3
1.5X 44 10.5X-45X 19-4.4 16X-67.5X 16-3.7 21X-90X 11-2.7
2X 34 14X-60X 14-3.3 21X-90X 12-2.8 28X-120X 9-2

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