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XTS Binocular Zoom Microscope on Pole Stand HF(7X-45X )
Our Best Sellers!! Call Us Toll Free 1(888)270-0828 (US & CANADA) Questions? Or Fax Purchase Order to:1(888)299-1195 USA Scopes, products are manufactured under restrict ISO 9001 quality control standards, and CE Cerified Our Products can be widely used in Electronic, Gemologists, Chemical Industry and Biological Research, Educational and Medical Fields, Circuit Board Inspection, Engraving, Gemstone XTS Binocular Zoom Microscope on Pole Stand HF(7X-45X )

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XTS Binocular Zoom Microscope on Pole Stand HF(7X-45X )
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Eyepieces Pair:: 
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XTS series Stereo Zoom Microscope has a side mount zoom control system, it is easy to operate, perfect for use with bonders and prober arms. It provides excellent 3D images with high resolution. Once brought in focus, images remains clear throughout whole zoom range, it has large field of view, long working distance, and big depth of field, a wide variety of optical lenses and stands are available. Designed as a modular system, with all metal construction. It widely used in the various applications, such as assembly and inspection industries, educational clinical and research purposes. The microscope come with standard supper wide field, high eye point WF10X Eyepiece, enable observation over a wide area and are convenient for operators who wear glasses.

XTST Trinocular Stereo Zoom & XTS Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Photobucket

XTS Binocular Body with WF10X High Eye Point Eyepiece and Eyecup
Zoom Range: 0.7x-4.5x
Total Magnification: 7-45x standard
Working Distance: 108mm
Field of View: 5.1-33mm standard
Interpupillary Distance: adjustable 55-75mm
Binocular Tube: inclined 45 degree.
Diopter Adjustment: ?/font>5 Diopters
Binocular Body: Can be rotated a full 360 degree.
Pole Stand with Top Halogen and Bottom Fluorescent Light
Base Dimension: 240x180x60mm
Input Power: 110V, Top Halogen: 6V15W, Bottom Fluorescent 5W
Clear Glass Plate:Dia. 95mm
Color Filter: With a standard White Filter for Top and Bottom, Dia. 40mm, the Darker Blue and Bright Blue for option

Auxiliary Lens
Field of View
Working Distance
WF5X (24mm) 1.05-6.75x 114.3-17.8mm
WF10x(22mm) 2.1-13.5x 105-16.3mm
WF10x(19mm) 2.1-13.5x 90.5-14.8mm
WF15x(16mm) 3.2-20.3x 76.2-11.9mm
WF20x(11.5mm) 4.2-27x 55-8.5mm
WF25x(9mm) 5.3-33.8x  43-6.7mm
WF5X (24mm) 1.75-11.25x 68.6-10.7mm
WF10x(22mm) 3.5-22.5x 63-9.8mm
WF10x(19mm) 3.5-22.5x 54.3-8.9mm
WF15x(16mm) 5.3-33.8x 45.7-7.1mm
WF20x(11.5mm) 7-45x 33-5.1mm
WF25x(9mm) 8.8-56.3x  26-4mm
WF5X (24mm) 2.63-16.9x 45.7-7.1mm
WF10x(22mm) 5.3-33.8x 41.9-6.5mm
WF10x(19mm) 5.3-33.8x 36.2-5.6mm
WF15x(16mm) 7.9-50.6x 30.5-4.7mm
WF20x(11.5mm) 10.5-67.5x 22-3.4mm
WF25x(9mm) 13.1-84.4x 17.2-2.7mm
1x (fixed)     
WF5X (24mm) 3.5-22.5x 34.3mm-5.3mm
WF10x(23mm) 7-45x 31.4-4.9mm
WF10x(19mm) 7-45x 27.1-4.2mm
WF15x(16mm) 10.5-67.5x 22.9-3.6mm
WF20x(11.5mm) 14-90x 16.4-2.6mm
WF25x(9mm) 17.5-112.5x 13-2mm
WF5X (24mm) 5.25-33.8x 22.9-3.6mm
WF10x(22mm) 10.5-67.5x 21-3.3mm
WF10x(19mm) 10.5-67.5x 18.1-2.8mm
WF15x(16mm) 15.8-101.3x 15.2-2.4mm
WF20x(11.5mm) 21-135x 11-1.7mm
WF25x(9mm) 26.3-168.8x 8.6-1.3mm
WF5X (24mm) 7-45x 17.1-2.7mm
WF10x(22mm) 14-90x 15.7-2.4mm
WF10x(19mm) 14-90x 13.6-2.1mm
WF15x(16mm) 21-135x 11.4-1.8mm
WF20x(11.5mm) 28-180x 8.2-1.3mm
WF25x(9mm) 35-225x 6.5-1mm

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