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Home  >  Compound / Metallurgical / Inverted & More  >  Trinocular Polarizing Metallurgical Microscope 40X-2000X,Equipped with both reflected and transmitted

Trinocular Polarizing Metallurgical Microscope 40X-2000X,Equipped with both reflected and transmitted
Click to enlargeTrinocular Polarizing Metallurgical Microscope 40X-2000X,Equipped with both reflected and transmitted

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MT83BPRegular price: $4,999.99Sale price: $1,999.99
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Metallurgical Trinocular Microscope


Metallurgical microscope is widely used for metallurgical, mineral identification and crystal, electronic integrated circuit examination and research.

This product features attachable polarizing plates and infinity-corrected plan field achromatic objectives. The 100X objective is dry (immersion oil free) to meet the special need during the examination. The long working distance of the 40X (2.8mm) and 100X (0.7mm) objectives makes it possible to inspect the rough surface.

Equipped with both reflected and transmitted illuminator systems, and attachable polarizing plates, this metallurgical microscope can perform as a normal compound microscope as well.

Warranty: 5 years
Retail value: $6000


  • High quality professional optical glass elements
  • 30°inclined 360°rotatable trinocular Siedentopf head
  • Triple layer mechanical stage with opaque metal plate and transparent glass plate
  • Reflected/transmitted polarizing illumination system
  • 4 infinity-corrected plan field achromatic objectives, including a dry 100X objective
  • 2 pairs of eyepieces: WF10X and WF20X
  • Extremely high resolution sharp images over a wide field view
  • All metal mechanical components
  • Manufacturer in business 30+ years


  • Model: MT83BP
  • Total magnification: 40x-80x-100x-200x-400x-800x-1000x-2000x
  • Eyepieces: wide field WF10X/20 and WF20X
  • Objective: infinity-corrected plan field achromatic DIN 4x, 10x, 40x(Spring, WD 2.8mm), 100x(Spring, Dry, WD 0.7mm)
  • Head: 30°Inclined 360°rotatable trinocular Siedentopf head
  • Nosepiece: revolving quadruple
  • EPI illumination: 6V/30W halogen bulb, position adjustable, intensity adjustable, with built-in condenser, iris aperture diaphragm, iris field diaphragm, 2 color filter slots and polarizer/analyzer slots
  • Transmitted illumination: 6V/30W halogen bulb, intensity adjustable
  • Condenser (reflected): built-in, spiral adjustment
  • Condenser (transmitted): attachable, Abbe NA1.25, rack/pinion focus adjustment, with iris aperture diaphragm and color filter holder
  • Stage: triple layer mechanical stage with opaque metal plate for reflected light and transparent glass plate for transmitted light, size: 15cm - 14cm, translation range 50mm x 75mm
  • Focus mechanism: Coaxial coarse & fine knobs on both sides with adjustable tension control and stop lever
  • Power supply: 110V 50Hz/60Hz (US and Canada)
  • Dimension: 18-7/8" x 7-5/8" x 20-5/8" (48cm x 19.5cm x 52.5cm)
  • Net weight: 19lb 3oz (8.7kg)

Packing List:

  • Microscope viewing head
  • Microscope stand
  • 2 pairs of eyepieces: WF10X/18, WF20X
  • 4 objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x
  • EPI light assembly
  • 2 sets of polarizer and analyzer
  • 3 color filters for reflected light
  • 2 color filters for transmitted light
  • Photo tube
  • Allen key
  • Focus tension adjustment wrench
  • Power cord (US and Canada standard)
  • Extra halogen bulbs: 6V/30W
  • Extra fuses
  • Dust cover


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