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Home  >  VGA / USB Digital Camera for Microscope / Cables  >  2.0MP VGA Hi Resolution Digital Camera for LCD TV or PC Monitor

2.0MP VGA Hi Resolution Digital Camera for LCD TV or PC Monitor
Click to enlarge2.0MP VGA Hi Resolution Digital Camera for LCD TV or PC Monitor

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 photo VGACamera2MPTF-02_zpsbedfa624.jpg

4GB Micro SD SDHC TF Memory Card 4G 4GB + Adapter + Reader White (included)Note: TF Micro reader only work with: Windows98 /Win7/ 2000 / XP / VISTA  photo 4GBcard_zpsf7e20001.jpg

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2MP VGA Industrial Camera, the maximum resolution for previewing is 1600x1200, with dynamically displayed frame rate at 15fps. By the achievement of combination in pixels because of hardware, it supports the resolution which is smaller than itself, improves the sensitivity, and increases the previewing speed. The hardware adopts the transducer with low noise and high dynamic range, thus guaranteeing the perfect quality of micro-vision.


  • PCB inspection
  • semiconductor inspection
  • quality inspection in industry
  • microscopic images observation and analysis
  • experiment, examine and analysis in Hospitals, school and scientific research


         1600X1200 (2.0MP) high resolution digital camera

         Display live vivid clear images on large screen, no computer needed

         Capture true color images into TF / SD memory card

         0.5X reduction lens included

         Mount on C-mount port(1 inch 32 TPI) or 23.2mm ocular tube




         Resolution: 1600X1200 pixels

         Functions: cross line, freeze, comparison

         Picture mode: vivid, soft, normal, and user

         Brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue adjustable

         White balance mode: auto, fluorescence, incandescence and daylight

         Exposure: auto, manual

         Flicker: 50Hz, 60Hz

         Control box: lined, performing freeze, dual, menu, image capturing

         Image capturing: stored in TF card, button on camera and control box

         VGA output for display

         Standard C-mount

         Power adapter: input 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, output 5V DC, 1000mA

         Reduction lens: 0.5X, 23.2mm diameter

Packing List:

         2.0MP VGA Camera

         5V power adapter

         Control box

         VGA cable & USB cable

         SD memory card / 4G TF card

         0.5X reduction lens



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